Warning Cancellers

Warning Cancellers

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HID lights flickering? "Bulb Out" error won't disappear from your dashboard?

Flickering (Strobe Effect): Flickering is caused by the car’s computer detecting a lower current than the car's original factory-installed halogen lights. This causes the computer to turn off the light and retry again, giving the flickering or strobe effect. The optimal capacitance in the warning canceller fixes this issue and restores stability to the headlight beams.

“Bulb Out” Error: Many cars have an indicator light to warn if one of the headlights has burnt out. Since HID conversion kits run on a lower current than normal halogen bulbs, your car’s computer thinks that the headlight has burnt out. This will give you a "Bulb Out" or “Bulb Failure” error light in your dash. The warning canceller fixes this issue and removes all warning lights.


Easy Installation

Simple Installation: The warning canceller is to be connected between the stock harness and the HID ballast.

Which Vehicles Need This?

Generally, German made cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi.
Other makes also may benefit from this 
product, such as Jeep, Chevrolet, Volvo.

My Lights Are Still Flickering!

Sometimes, a relay with resistors may be necessary instead of the warning cancellers.


Reversing Polarity

Some vehicles have reverse polarity. If your vehicle has reverse polarity, rotate the warning canceller input by 180 degrees in order to prevent damage to the cancellers.
However, by doing this, the connectors will not latch together this way around. You can use the electrical tape to secure the connection.