LED 9006 (HB4) Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

LED 9006 (HB4) Conversion Kit with Cree Chips

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LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

  • Easy and Simple installation. Usually takes less than 20 minutes! Literally "Plug-and-Play" in most vehicles with no resistors or extra wiring. Some vehicles may need professional installation.
  • Includes: smart aluminum carry-case; pair of 30W 3000LM super-bright performance led bulbs with a 500m range and a lifespan of over 30000 hrs.; water-proof IP68 and heat-protected with integrated cooling chip and fan for heat dissipation. 2 extra color filters (yellow and blue tint). The LED chips are Cree made in the USA

Fits sizes: 

  • HB4 9006HP 9006XS 9012 HIR2 HIR